Cell Notes

Cell Notes - Who do you say I am? - Jesus

The Holy Spirit will teach you (20th May)

Read: Acts 2:1-16 and John 16:5-15 

The disciples have had Jesus as their leader, teacher and friend but he’s going back to the Father and their wondering where this leaves them.

Imagine having Jesus as your teacher.

   - How different do you think you would be with Jesus beside you? Think about your attitudes and behaviour, but also about the difference it would make in having confidence to share the Good News and pray for people.


Jesus claims it’s better for the disciples that he goes away (John 16:7).

   - How does it, if at all, feel better to you?


The Holy Spirit teaches us how to be, read Galatians 5:22-23 (taking on the family likeness). And, empowers us to deliver Good News, read 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 & 27-31 (joining in the family business).


Jesus claims that because he is going to the Father and will send the Holy Spirit, that we will be able to do greater things than he was able to do (John14:12).

   - What greater things have Jesus’ disciples achieved?


Do we know the work of the Holy Spirit within us?

   - What experience do we have of being guided/taught by the Holy Spirit?

- What experience do we have of being empowered by the Holy Spirit beyond our natural capabilities?


The Holy Spirit comes in response to request. We ask. Read Luke 11:9-13 – God wants to give! We also, need to keep on asking. Read Ephesians 5:18 – ‘go on being filled with the Holy Spirit’.


So, ask now. Pray for each other, in turn and together, if you can. How ever full we are, why would we not want more?