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Cell Notes - Called-Up, Equipped & Deployed

Jesus in Control - 18th June

Isaiah 40: 25-31,   Mark 4: 35-41

Perhaps you recall Verse 31 in the Isaiah passage quoted by Eric Liddell in the film ‘Chariots of Fire’ to prioritise his using the gift God gave him to run (except on the Sabbath).  Isaiah is writing about the Jews in captivity in Babylon, who might be thought to have every reason to complain to God about their predicament.  They had, of course, to remember why they were there. The message for us in this passage is that God is able to deliver and restore his distressed people if they will but wait in trust and faith for him to act.


In the Gospel passage, we sense the panic and loss of control in the disciples’ cries for help.  Caught without warning in the violent storm, this boat needed the efforts of everyone, including Jesus, to work it if it was to stay afloat.  Some of the disciples were sailors - they knew exactly what was required!  But Jesus’ solution was different and unexpected! 


We need to reflect on how these passages give us encouragement in coping with the storms in our own lives, or where we have ignored God’s repeated call to us ‘to let go and let God’ with what consequence. 


Talk to each other about times in your own life where these questions were in your mind, and what answers you came to:

1. Why do you think it sometimes seems that God is ignoring you when you need him most?

2. When has a crisis you’ve gone through made you stronger spiritually?

3. When was your faith most tested and triumphed?

Why does God let us suffer the storms of life if he loves us?


Pray for those by name who you know are in difficulty or struggling to cope so that they may know how to let God take control.