Cell Notes

Cell Notes - Free From

free from Rules (18th March)

Remind yourself what are the fruits of the spirit by reading Galatians 5:22.


We’re chosen by Jesus to go and bear fruit, why should this be an encouragement to us in our lives?


Read our passage from John (15:9-17) in order to be effective for Christ we need to remain in him.  This is more than having a lovely glow and knowing Jesus loves us. What does remaining in Christ look like and how do we achieve it?


In what way does remaining in Christ become a requirement to be effective in Mission?


Read Romans 13:8-14.  Love is an unpaid debt. Why can we never say "I have loved enough"?


Finally, love is the fulfilment if the law. How does Jesus reduce the law to two commandments?  And how do they help?


Pray for:

1 – each of us to love as Jesus does

2 – each member of the group to understand God’s particular calling to them

3 - each of us to become the fruit that will last

4 - each of us to love as Jesus loves