Small Group Notes

Small Group notes for 31st May

Living! | Living With the Spirit

Small Group Notes:

To note: The sermon is in the Sunday’s service video available via our website and is summarised in the Paper version of the Service produced for those off-line, but also available to view on our website.

Read: John 7:37-39 and Acts 2:1-21

General Questions:

  • What did the scripture mean when it was written?
  • What is the timeless truth behind what God is saying?
  • How does it apply to me now?

Specific Questions:

  • What do we think stream of living water should like to others observing us?
    • How can we be more open to God’s Holy Spirit?
  • What dreams/visions do you have for the church for the future?
    • What dreams/visions do you have for your group for the future?