Small Group Notes

Small Group Notes - Great Psalms (part 1)

Glory (12th August) [scroll down for notes for 19th August]

Read Psalm 24 and take it in 2 parts in particular the last 4 verses. This was likely to be a Psalm chanted when the Ark of the Covenant returned to its place in Jerusalem so think about the excitement there would have been in Jerusalem.

Do we get excited when we sense the presence of God? Discuss your own experiences.

At this time David was King and Israel was one nation and very powerful. Everything was right with the people of God.

How is it for you individually or us a church in Four Marks or what about the worldwide church. How are we doing at the moment? If you identify and issues what can you/we do to improve matters?

Read verse 3 again and then verse 4 do you pass the test to stand in the holy place? If not what can you do about it?

Read John 12 v 26-34

This passage is in a section where Jesus predicts his death and it is almost as if Jesus needs reassurance that he is following the right path. The Father then speaks to him. Are there times when you are not sure you are following the right path and need reassurance? Where do you go to get this?



Trustworthy (19th August)

Psalm 25, Matthew 11:25-30

1. Read Matthew 11:25-30

This reading might call to mind something from your experience of faith – perhaps a time of inner conflict, a time when you felt a particularly heavy weight of responsibility? (See especially v28-30). Have you ever felt “heavy laden”?  How did you respond?

2. Read Psalm 25

The psalm contains seven elements or connected ‘thoughts’: It is a statement of trust, v1-3; a plea for deliverance v4-7; praise for God’s faithfulness v8-10; a request for forgiveness v11; acknowledgement of God’s power, v12-15; a personal plea v16-21; and finally a plea for the community v22.

Read the psalm again. Which if any of these ‘thoughts’ draws most of your attention? Do you know how or why? Have you been criticised for your faith; how did you respond? What pressures in your life are encouraging you now to relax your trust in God and to depend on your own strength?

3. The Lord’s Prayer

The elements of prayer contained by psalm 25 can be discerned in the more familiar phrasing of the ‘Lord’s Prayer’.  Can you find them? How if at all might psalm 25 contribute to our understanding of it?

4. Prayer

Heavenly Father, turn and be gracious to us. Make us strong in you, forgive our mistakes and bring us back to know our dependence upon you. Teach us how to be ourselves and how not to bring shame upon our faith. Amen

5. In the days ahead

Check yourself. What is occupying your attention at the moment? How much are you relying upon yourself; how much upon God? Are asking for God’s strength in your life? Are you seeking God’s forgiveness?