Strategy Update

Our mission as a church is to respond to God’s love, and we do this by growing deeper in God and larger in mission, but as the world has changed so drastically over the past year, and as we anticipate more change to come, we’re starting to think about how we can best fulfil our mission in this new context.

Church is called to be family; so we really want to hear from you - We’re inviting you to a conversation about your experience and thoughts in different areas of our church mission. You can take part:

- By an online questionnaire (until the 13th May) | Please get in touch to request a paper copy


(There will also be opportunities for the younger members of our church family to be involved.)

For now, please pray. You might like to use this short prayer:

“Father God, thank you for your faithfulness to us so far. Please guide us now and fill us with wisdom. Show us how we can grow deeper in you and larger in mission, and give us the courage to follow wherever you may lead us.”